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Empowering couples to seek and achieve positive birth experiences through knowledge and support.

Bradley Method® Classes

Helping you believe in YOU!

Bradley Method® classes have been around for over 70 years. It is specifically designed to last throughout the 3rd trimester in order to provide ample time to learn the information, implement and make habit of the tools and skill being taught. Unlike shorter hospital sponsored classes that focus on preparing parents to be for complying with what happens at that hospital or other classes that teach distraction as the main coping mechanism for birth, Bradley Method® focuses on dispelling myths and alleviating fears by providing evidence-based information combined with proven mental and physical relaxation practice in order to build self confidence in your ability to birth. I believe in you and your ability to birth. Bradley classes help YOU believe in you.

A history of

Bradley Method® was founded by Dr. Robert Bradley, OBGYN in the late 1940’s as a direct response to practices he saw happening in the hospitals. At a time when men were relegated to the first floor lobby to wait, he believed that women should be supported by their husbands/partners in labor and that the two should be educated together about pregnancy and childbirth.

He believed that women did not have to be drugged and “delivered of their baby”. Instead he was one of the first OBs to advocate that with better education women could be TAUGHT how to birth without the interventions of modern medicine, unless they were medically necessary.. Today the Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth continues the legacy of teaching couples to believe in the power of birth.

Using a Comprehensive Approach

Bradley Method® seeks to provide parents-to-be with the full spectrum of information needed to facilitate a healthy, happy pregnancy and birth. While many courses focus on mostly labor and birth, and rightfully so, Bradley courses include not only this information but also information on prenatal nutrition, the changing pregnant body, prenatal exercise, creating a birth plan, communicating with your provider and birth team, newborn appearance and procedures, basics of breastfeeding, postpartum planning and support, AND what you can do if pregnancy or birth do not go according to the plan. Sometimes, birth can be unpredictable and Bradley Method® believes that knowing how to handle the unexpected can be just what you need to stay calm and make smart choices for you and your baby.

With the focus of the partner as

the primary birth support

Bradley Method® classes are the ONLY childbirth courses with a specific and distinct focus on teaching a loved one to be there for the birthing person during the birth process.

This person can be the spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, or any other person who is going to be with mom during the birth. Throughout the full series, these chosen “coaches” are not only taught to understand what is happening in pregnancy and during the different stages of labor, but also how to recognize signs of labor progress AND how to ease the intensity of birth through non-pharmacological physical and mental comfort techniques.

Classes focus on teaching each birthing pair how to work as a team with the obstetrical athlete and the coach learning to communicate and work together towards the goal of a healthy, safe, birth experience that is both positive and empowering regardless of where they choose to give birth.

And Knowing Your Rights and Options

Bradley classes are also the only birth course to specifically look at your legal rights as a childbearing person and your options/alternatives in regards to routine hospital procedures in the event that you do not wish to have them. This course provides you with the evidence on many aspects of pregnancy and childbirth in an effort to help couples make the best choices for themselves and their babies, with resources and articles from leading research universities and national organizations related to obstetrics, pregnancy and childbirth. Bradley teaches that it is your responsibility as the consumer to educate yourself and to be proactive in seeking to communicate with your birth professionals about your wants and needs in order to ensure care that leaves you feeling listened to and supported on your journey to a happy birth-day.

And The Nesting Place is YOUR place for the

Best that Bradley Method® has to offer.

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